Testlab integrates with Atlassian Jira

We are happy to announce an integration module for integrating your Testlab with Atlassian Jira issue tracker. We’ve been working hard to bring you a true two-way synchronization module which enables you to synchronize the issues in real time between your Testlab and Jira deployments.


Simple: this module enables you to seamlessly integrate Jira issues with Testlab’s test cases and other test management data. If your organization already has an established method for working with issues, with this plugin you can continue to handle issues like you are used to *and* be more productive with test case planning and test execution with Testlab!

How it works

The module is implemented as a plugin at Jira side and as an integration interface for the plugin at Testlab side. The following diagram describes the synchronization principle at high level.

Both peers have an event listener which publishes the changes in issues in real time. This means that when an issue is updated, commented or a file is attached to it in Jira the change is immediately pushed to Testlab and vice versa. As said, we currently sync issue details, comments and attached files.

In addition to real time push a scheduled (every 15 minutes) synchronization job is triggered. This means that Jira pushes all issue updates from the last synchronization point of time to Testlab. Testlab processes the data and replies with a push of it’s issue changes in similar fashion. This allows us to synchronize the issues between the systems even if the real time push fails for some reason for example due to network problems. We allow you to choose a conflict resolution strategy when overlapping updates occur to always honor the latest data, the Jira data or Testlab’s data.

The actual data between Jira and Testlab is pushed through a secured and key authenticated network channel. Just make sure your Jira allows secured HTTPS to make the push from Testlab to Jira secure.

Great! How do I get it?

The integration module is available to all our enterprise suite customers.


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