Real customer support

We offer customer support to all Testlab deployments for your peace of mind. Our support offering is unique in a way in which we don’t constrain the reason of contacting our support in any way. It is quite common that product support is constrained to technical incidents only but we think that is not enough. Got a question about best practices on test case design ? Wondering how Testlab should be used for test scheduling ? End users in your organization have all these questions you as a company administrator have trouble answering ? No problem, contact our support.

An excellent opportunity for your organization is that you can oursource the worry about using Testlab as efficiently as possible to us. As consultative support is very reasonably priced you don’t necessarily have to make an large upfront investment for your organization’s know-how in deployment phase.

The only way we constrain you in the use of support is the effort. To service you as efficiently as possible the consultative tickets are always evaluated by our support staff and if the effort to resolve the ticket to your satisfaction exceeds the agreed, we send you a proposal for hourly rated consultation. 


Service levels

Meliora Testlab Quality Suite Quality Suite
Meliora Testlab Enterprise Suite Enterprise Suite
Integrated help manual
Contact persons 1 unlimited
Technical problems & inquiries by support system by support system
Consultative questions - by support system
Response time best effort 24h

Additional service levels are available for Enterprise customers on request. Please contact us for more details.


How to contact support

We handle our tickets with our online support system. Tickets can be submitted online directly via Testlab, via web site, by sending them by e-mail or calling by telephone depending on the support plan. All support requests are handled via our support system so that tickets are handled as efficiently as possible and a traceability history for your organization’s tickets is recorded.


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