Here are some important points that can make Meliora Testlab an excellent choice for your organization. To read more details about Testlab continue on to Features page.


No installation necessary

Fastest way to use Meliora Testlab is to sign in and start using our hosted offering. This option has additional benefits in service management. Cloud based service will free your organization from majority of maintenance related work such as hardware maintenance, software management or doing data backups. All these services are included in our offering.

In addition to the above software upgrades are automatic and you are always using the latest version when you choose our cloud-based Meliora Testlab offering.

For organizations with special needs we offer different kinds of deployment options such as on-premises installation.


Modern application stack

Solid, safe and secure. All communication to your Testlab is done through a secure encrypted channel, that is, information that passes between your computer and our servers is encrypted using a technology called SSL which is the same technology that banks use to protect their communications. Access to your data is controlled so that no-one has access to the data unless you invite them. If your computer gets stolen, your data is safe in our servers.

Solid multi-tier software system foundation ensures scalability of Meliora Testlab. If your needs grow over time, we are prepared and your Testlab will scale with your business needs.

Cross browser compatibility

Meliora Testlab is a modern browser-based multi-tier system. This means that it can be used immediately without any software installation. If you have an internet connection you have access to Meliora Testlab.

All modern major browsers are supported including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Central repository for your testing assets

Meliora Testlab allows you to store requirements, test cases, test run data and issues in central repository. You can be sure that you and your colleagues find the data easily when needed. Furthermore the data is linked so you will see what test is related to which requirement, what issues were found with each test case and so on. You can also add attachments that are related to your tests. Test assets could not be managed more easily!

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