Meliora Testlab Enterprise

Meliora Testlab Enterprise is a subscription that ensures you’ll get the most benefits from your QA efforts. The subscription offers:

  • more deployment options: on-premise (installed on your servers with perpetual licensing), SaaS (cloud based) or managed on-premise (installed on your chosen service provider),
  • concurrent user licensing making license management easier for larger enterprises,
  • all integrations*,
  • many data migration options,
  • prioritized support,
  • Testlab customization services and
  • feature updates and maintenance for Testlab.

The Enterprise subscription provides an option for our unique service concept which includes continuous and regular training, project kick-offs and follow-up meetings.

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For a quote, pricing or any other inquiries about Meliora Testlab Enterprise, please contact our sales team.


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Billing and payment options

For billing on Meliora Testlab Enterprise, we offer various billing periods and payment options such as bank transfer (easy and cost-effective inside EU/SEPA), major credit cards or E-invoices inside Finland.


Meliora Testlab Self-service subscription

Self-service subscription is a simple cloud-based subscription offering for businesses with already established QA practices and personnel. Pricing is simple:



45 €

/ named user / month

A named user is a single active user account in Testlab. To put it simply, if John and Lucy want to use Testlab, you’ll need two named user licenses. Price excludes VAT.


How the subscription works

When you subscribe, you’ll get your Testlab set up for you immediately. A 14 day trial period begins with five named users and you are free to use Testlab as you wish. If you decide to enroll (or your 14 day trial period expires), you have an option to register the subscription. Then, we’ll ask you for your billing and credit card details, bill your card for the first period and you can continue your use without interruption.

During your subscription, you have an option to increase and decrease the number of users in your subscription. In the company management view in Testlab, you’ll have access to your licensing and subscription details such as your payment history.

* As the subscription is for self-service use only, the subscription includes only self-deployable integrations. This means that in Self-service subscription, the plugin based two-way JIRA (Webhook based one-way JIRA integration is included!) and the Jasig CAS / Active Directory integrations are excluded.

Trial period

No need to decide on the billing period yet or have any credit cards at hand. All subscriptions start with a free-to-try 14 day no-obligations trial period.


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Billing and payment options

For billing on Meliora Testlab Self-service, we offer one, six and 12 month billing periods. For customers paying six or 12 months in advance we offer a 5% and 10% discount respectively. We handle all payments securely with Stripe and accept all major credit cards:

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Questions and answersPricing

Concurrent licensing, named user licensing – what do these different schemes mean ?

Concurrent user licensing allows a fixed number of users to be logged in the service at the same time. This allows firms to purchase service at a lower cost because the maximum number of concurrent users expected to use the system or software at any given time (those users all logged in together) is only a portion of the total system users employed at a company. The concurrent licenses are shared by anyone who needs to use the system. Concurrent user licenses are some times called floating licenses.

In comparison, in a typical named user -based licensing model a license must be purchased for each and every individual user whether they are using the system or not. Named user licensing model basicly limits how many user accounts you can create in the system.

Concurrent user licensing model is usually easier to manage for companies as you won’t have to buy a license every time when a new employee is hired in your company.


How many concurrent user licenses we might need ?

A good starting point in estimating the needed concurrent license count can be calculated with a thumb rule of one license per four users. Please keep in mind that this is an estimate and the actual license count depends on the usage profile of your organization.

You have an organization with 300 employees. Of these 300 people, approximately 200 employees are actually working in projects and are potential Testlab users.  In this example a good starting point would be 200 / 4 ≈ 50 concurrent user licenses. In Meliora Testlab this would mean that

  • creating new users for your company is not limited in any way – everyone in your organization has a personal user account for Meliora Testlab and
  • you should have enough licenses to enable your project organization to work with Testlab with minimum license management efforts.


How named named user licenses do we need ?

For named user licenses, the answer is simple: If Jane and Joe want to use Testlab, two named user licenses are needed.


Do you offer any discounts ?

For Testlab Self-service, customers paying six or 12 months in advance get a 5% and 10% discount respectively.


I didn’t find an answer here and I have a question ?

Oh bugger – Drop us a line and we’ll help you in a best way possible.


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