Testlab difference

Your business revenue comes from providing something, confirming that something has been done correctly, controlling your processes to ensure that the outcomes are predictable, directing your organization so that it continuously optimizes its performance and obtaining confidence that your product or service will be satisfactory.

Here are some key facts how Meliora Testlab helps you to achieve these goals. Continue on and read more about Highlights and Features of Testlab.




Add structure to testing

It is still a common practice in quality management to plan testing as an informal list of bullets documented somewhere or better yet as an Excel-sheet buried in project assets.

While latter is better than ad-hoc testing Meliora Testlab enables a more efficient method of managing your requirements, test cases and test results. Add structure to your testing efforts.


With Meliora Testlab repeating your test runs is easy which makes it effortless to incorporate a continuing quality assurance to your project. As results of test runs are automatically saved a comparison to earlier test runs is just a few clicks away.

When testing gets easier, faster and more productive its done more often. More often means better quality.


Deploying Meliora Testlab is simple. Meliora’s cloud-based infrastructure enables you to sign up and start profiting from modern hosted web-based service right away.

As Meliora’s principle simplicity means that Meliora Testlab is easy to use, easy to manage, easy to expand and easy to scale.

Centralized data

Where is the latest version of your product’s test plan? How is the project of your most important client going quality-wise ?

Meliora Testlab offers a single easily accessible place for your quality-related data which makes centralized quality data management easy. Be aware, choose Meliora Testlab.

Optimize your workflow

Get notified of your next tasks. Get organized and never miss a testing deadline. Let your team be guided by Meliora Testlab’s workflow-related features which are configurable to fit the needs of your own testing process.

Your data is yours

You own your data. We are confident that Meliora Testlab is a safe choice for your test management data but if we fail to meet your expectations and you need your data, we will provide you with your testing data in an easily-accessible format.

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