Product Roadmap

We make testing tools

Meliora is committed on a continuous development cycle with a new feature enriched version released every three months. Minor updates and bug fixes are released on a more rapid schedule.

The interactive chart below presents the planned features for a few quarters. Hover your mouse pointer over the boxes for more information.

Cross-project Reporting Cross-project Reporting Feature allowing reporting key figures from multiple projects
Enhanced test execution view Enhanced test execution view Test execution view will be enhanced to better show relevant data during the testing. This will pave the way for future live edit mode for test cases during the execution.
Live-edit mode for test cases during test execution Live-edit mode for test cases during test execution Test cases will be editable during the test execution - allowing more effective explorative testing
Optimized Mobile Support Optimized Mobile Support Modifications to take small screens of mobile devices better in to account.
Planned features

Please keep in mind that we gladly include all well justifiable customer need driven features on our roadmap. We are open for any suggestions!