Product Roadmap

Meliora is committed to a continuous development cycle with a new feature-enriched version released every three months. Minor updates and bug fixes are released on a more rapid schedule.

The interactive chart below presents the planned features for a few quarters. Hover your mouse pointer over the boxes for more information.

AI: Interactive help bot Assistant that reads the help manual for you Provide a help bot that you can ask questions from as you use Testlab.
AI: Finding duplicate issues Intelligent issue managent - find similar issues As you enter issues to the system, Testlab finds already existing similar issues for you. This avoids entering duplicate issues and makes your issues more precise.
AI: Provide hints how to enter better issues AI: Provide hints how to enter better issues The AI will give you hints on how to enter your issue details in a better way.
AI: Specification maintenance AI: Specification maintenance AI-assisted features for maintaining your specification.
Rapid spec. editing Rapid editing of specification Features for rapidly entering - and editing - of items in your specification.
Planned features

Please keep in mind that we gladly include all well justifiable customer need driven features on our roadmap. We are open for any suggestions!