Product Roadmap

Meliora is committed to a continuous development cycle with a new feature-enriched version released every three months. Minor updates and bug fixes are released on a more rapid schedule.

The interactive chart below presents the planned features for a few quarters. Hover your mouse pointer over the boxes for more information.

AI: Specification interface AI answers you any question about your specification With this feature AI can access your requirement specifications and answer your questions about them, which helps you find relevant information fast and accurately.
Proactive project analytics Work more efficiently and avoid risks by using AI-provided analytics and indicators provided by the system. Metrics indicate risks related to the project's timetable and end-product quality.
AI interpreted reports Let AI interpret reports for you As AI has knowledge about what the reports are used for, it can give you insight about what can be made out of reports with current values.
Planned features

Please keep in mind that we gladly include all well justifiable customer need driven features on our roadmap. We are open for any suggestions!