Meliora offers consulting services to improve your organization’s quality process. Services regarding Testlab are tailored to make deployment and use of Meliora Testlab as easy as possible.


Customer support

We offer customer support to all Testlab deployments for your peace of mind. Basic support package includes all that you need to use your Testlab in a productive way and getting customer support through an e-mail channel. Basic support is always included in every hosted Meliora Testlab deployment.

Extended support package is also available to customers with more extensive need of support options or tighter service-level requirements.

See our support plans here.



To get most out of your Meliora Testlab deployment we offer you a range of training packages.

Our training services provide your personnel with the competency to work with Meliora Testlab in an efficient and professional way. The training can take place at virtual on-line classrooms or it can be arranged on your premises.


Data migration

We offer data migration services to seamlessly move your data to Testlab in the most reliable and cost-effective manner possible. Data migration services are based on proven methodologies that leverage Meliora’s technical expertise and best practices to help ensure that the data is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. After the migration we will verify data integrity and ensure that the migrated data is accessible to end users.



We offer a range of QA consulting services in addition to services described above, for example:

  • QA consulting to streamline the QA process in your organization
  • Custom integration design and implementation
  • Evaluation and recommendations for your current QA process
  • Application lifecycle and test management consulting


Additional information

For any additional information about our services or requests for consultation services not necessarily described here please contact us. We are more than happy to help.


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