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Meliora Ltd. was Founded in 2012 to develop and support its ALM tool, Meliora Testlab. The company is located in Finland but operates globally. Meliora concentrates on one thing it does best – delivering the best AI-powered ALM tool and making sure its customers have the tool in the best possible use.

Meliora Testlab

The product has its roots in strong expertise in software testing. Hence, the name Testlab. Don’t let the name fool you, though. The product has long since evolved into a full-blown application lifecycle management tool with a strong vision of an AI-powered future.

Why Meliora?

We do only one thing, Testlab, but we do it well. We have our hands on our tool constantly. We have relatively short development cycles, typically we deliver four feature releases every year. This means our customers get new exciting features that make their life easier often and fast.

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Meliora Ltd

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Marko Kanala

+358 50 3615972

Sami Lehtinen

+358 50 3865527

Joonas Palomäki

+358 40 7460050

You can reach us by e-mail at “first name dot last name @ melioratestlab.com” with no special characters or accents.


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