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Basic features video

16 min

The very first thing you should do is to watch this video about Meliora Testlab. Seeing how the basic features work gives you a good ground to understand what you can do with the tool.

Must reads

15 min read

Getting started with Testlab

This article is to help you plan your deployment of Testlab. It gives pointers on things to consider when enrolling Testlab in use, and food for thought when adapting Testlab to your software development process.

15 min read

Incorporating Testlab to your buying process

Does your company buy a software project developed mainly by another vendor? This article explores what you should consider when you purchase software projects to get software that works better for your needs and steer the project better to get it on time.

15 min read

Incorporating Testlab to your product development process

This document describes the benefits of using Testlab in your software product development and gives pointers on how you should incorporate the tool as a part of your development process.

10 min

Migrating from using Excel

If you are using Excel to manage your test cases, read this. The article walks you through the process from using excel to managing your testing with the Testlab.


3 min read

Customer case - Cray

Cases study of How Cray inc uses Testlab to manage large amounts of automated tests.

5 min read

Customer case - HUS

Case study of HUS, a large hospital district, where the Testlab is used in quality assurance tasks.

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