Press release: Meliora Testlab

Meliora launches Testlab – a hosted enterprise-grade quality and test management tool to improve your quality.

For an organization it is essential that quality management process is consistent, repeatable and effective. This leads to improved application quality and more effective and cost efficient software project implementation. Meliora Testlab gives the test team a centralized tool for managing requirements, test cases, defects and testing project tasks. As a modern browser based test management solution, Meliora Testlab provides better visibility to your test management process and assets ensuring the delivery of high quality software.

Meliora Ltd, a company founded to provide commercial services in quality management field, today announced the launch of www.melioratestlab.com, a hosted browser based test management tool for managing your application lifecycle including requirement-, test case- and issue management features. With concurrent licensing model Testlab is well suited for a team of any size: a small team working on a single product or a large enterprise.

By combining requirement-, test case- and issue management to a single product the quality process is more transparent and easier to manage. It drives collaboration among development teams and it’s members, quality functions, business analysts and project overseers. Operating from one test management platform standardizes requirement definition and management, release and build management, test planning and scheduling, issue tracking and reporting – all with complete traceability.

As a hosted solution Meliora Testlab is easy to access and effortless to set-up. You’ll get your Testlab running in minutes with 14 day free no-obligations-trial by visiting www.melioratestlab.com. For enterprise customers with specific needs an on-site deployment is offered. Additional quality- and Testlab centric services are available including Testlab customer support, training and fast-track start packages to get on your way in a best way possible.

With Meliora’s customer service oriented team, continuous agile development practices and competitive pricing Meliora Testlab is a low risk and affordable investment to increase your product quality and revenue.

For more information on Meliora Testlab, please visit https://www.melioratestlab.com

About Meliora

Meliora’s mission is to provide best-of-class quality management tools to help you improve your quality. Meliora Ltd was founded in 2012 and is located in Jyväskylä, Finland.


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