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Testlab – Hellenic Quest release

Meliora Team | 13 April, 2024

As the need for holistic software specification is on the rise due to the popularity of generative AI tools, Testlab’s next version – Hellenic Quest – brings in excellent AI-driven features that help you document…

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Testlab – Turing Paradox release

Meliora Team | 12 January, 2024

We hope your new year has started well. A year has changed, and a new Testlab version has seen the light. This version brings in some usability enhancements and brings in an additional set of…

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Using AI in software development: A glimpse into 2024

Joonas Palomäki | 8 September, 2023

As the summer  is nearing it’s end soon here I’m in to my  crystal ball to see what will the year 2024 bring us? AI here, AI there – news tell us of the advancements,…

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Testlab – Brazen Head release

Meliora Team | 1 September, 2023

Meliora Testlab’s new version has been released to, importantly, include the first language model-based AI features. You can save time dramatically by designing your test cases with the help of the new AI assistant. Along…

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Crafting the Future of IT: Moving towards AI-assisted Software Development

Joonas Palomäki | 12 June, 2023

Embracing the Future: How Artificial Intelligence is Set to Transform the IT Industry? There’s a growing consensus that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the brink of radically transforming the IT industry, though perspectives on the…

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