Meet Meliora Testlab

Development platform with AI focus

Meliora Testlab started as test management / ALM tool, grew to host agile development and now has AI-infused features to overseer the development of software from design to development, testing and maintenance. The tool has inbuilt AI features to help people work faster and better.

Use AI helpers for everyones productivity
1 min

Meliora has a human-first view on doing things. Human is always responsible of the outcome, and AI helpers help users make their work better. The tool has AI helper that helps user to do their own work better.

Create test cases with an AI
1 min

You can co-create test cases with AI from specification documents. The process is easy to follow - AI suggests things to be tested - Test factors and creates tests from list curated by human. The human is always in control, and AI is used where it is best - giving ideas and formulating text.