Meet Meliora Testlab


Achieve results quickly and concentrate your efforts where it counts. Testlab’s intuitive testing UI makes sure the tests are tested as planned and results are stored and traceable later on.

There are multitude of different kinds of automated testing, and often the amount of test data automated testing generates is too much to easy to track. Testlab allows you to pick what really matters to you - see the important changes from the mass. Testlab does this with it's unique rule-engine which allows you to determine how you wish to see the automated test results.

Record your findings
90 s

You will want to record your findings during the testing, like defects or enhancements, into trackable issues. Added issues are automatically tied to your current test case and test run to achieve good transparency from the issue to the tested feature.

Issue management

A test management system would not be complete without issue tracking features. Meliora Testlab makes it possible to manage issues directly in same context with test cases which caused them and assign the issues for other people to work on.

Track issues
2 min

Testlab contains a fully featured issue tracking system with rich-text editing, configurable issue workflows, file attachments, change history, customizable fields, and commenting which makes it effortless to make issue management an integral part of your quality process.

Achieve traceability
1 min

When your issues are linked to test cases, and they are linked to requirements, you have great visibility to where the issues are in your project. Testlab offers reporting and coverage views on your application’s features to track issues still to be dealt with.

Good traceability in your application quality helps you to point out where the problems are and direct your testing efforts in as efficient way as possible.

Get notified
2 min

Timeliness is a crucial feature in issue management. To help you to keep up with the issues (especially issues assigned for you) Testlab notifies you via e-mail if preferred and offers real-time notifications in your user interface about events in your project.


All enterprise software should be easily integrated with your existing systems. We in Meliora regard this highly and we provide many integrations out-of-box and a possibility for custom integrations on-demand.

Integrate with Atlassian JIRA

Testlab integrates seamlessly with Atlassian JIRA. You can choose which design specifications you integrate to Testlab seen in its requirements parts, and which tickets seen in the issue part.

Issues of Meliora Testlab’s projects can be integrated with the MantisBT issue tracker which allows for real-time one-way integration. In this scenario, MantisBT acts as a master repository for your project’s issues.