Meet Meliora Testlab

Development platform with AI focus

Meliora Testlab started as test management / ALM tool, grew to host agile development and now has AI-infused features to overseer the development of software from design to development, testing and maintenance. The tool has inbuilt AI features to help people work faster and better.

Design, verify and track your projects
30 s

Each project in Testlab can have its own data, user privileges, and processes in place. The amount of projects you can create in Testlab is not limited.

Test management

Testlab has intuitive interface for all test related tasks. The interface has distinct parts for test case design, execution planning and actual execution. The interface let's user concentrate on task at hand - not forcing users to go through artificial steps to conduct their work.

Great repository for your testing assets
90 s

Testlab has a simple yet powerful interface that allows you to put your effort into designing your test cases – not thinking how and where to put them. You can use a tree structure, customizable fields, and tags to classify your test repository - handy if you have a lot of test cases. With intuitive execution step oriented paradigm, rich-text editing, file attachments, and change history designing, keeping test cases up to date is easy.


All enterprise software should be easily integrated with your existing systems. We in Meliora regard this highly and we provide many integrations out-of-box and a possibility for custom integrations on-demand.

Integrate with Atlassian JIRA

Testlab integrates seamlessly with Atlassian JIRA. You can choose which design specifications you integrate to Testlab seen in its requirements parts, and which tickets seen in the issue part.