Meet Meliora Testlab

Design and specification

All IT projects where something is being developed, the customer has a need and developing party does it's best to develop the features to match the need. The better the communication, the more effective the development is. When the tool is easy to use and effective, the specifications are more likely maintained. This has huge benefits in the development and quality assurance.

Specification defines the “what” of your application. As a basis of any good test plan is a solid set of user stories, use cases, business requirements or something else fitting your process for specification; Your development process might be based on agile methods or something traditional which just determines when and in what extent your requirements are specified.

Visualize and share the situation
1 min

Testlab provides you with rich reporting features to visualize what is going on in the project. You can create always up-to-date PDF, spreadsheet, or document reports and share these with others. You can set the tool to send these reports automatically. You can dig in the data in a drillable user interface. You can share the situation with always visible radiator views in your project room.

Test automation

Testlab has unique way of utilizing your automation testing results and helping you see how the test results relate to your project.

Unify manual and automated testing
1 min

With best-of-class reporting features - no matter where your testing results originate from - report them easily to your project stakeholders. You can utilize the automated test results in a similar way to the manual tests. You can combine both test result types to a single view.

Coverage and reporting

To get good quality software, it is of utmost importance to see the quality situation always as it is, and to be able to communicate it accurately. This is one of the strong points of Testlab - the tool has many methods for showing the situation to user and sharing it to others.

Get insight through coverage
1 min

From a dedicated test coverage view, you can easily see what has been tested for your application. You can drill down to the coverage to see what has been tested for which version of your application, in which test run, what issues are still open, and what test cases have failed.