This is a documentation archive for Meliora Testlab providing resources and links to relevant documentation and guides on usage, installation and integrations. Keep in mind, that you should find most documentation for the usage of Testlab from the integrated help manual in your Testlab.

Getting started with Testlab

This post is to help you plan your deployment of Testlab. It gives pointers on things to consider when enrolling Testlab in use, and food for thought when adapting Testlab to your software development process. Adapting a test management tool to your software process usually takes a bit of planning. Tools are easy to use […]

Demo project

Shopping Cart – Demo Project Meet Boris Buyer. Boris has a successful web store selling old books in the internet which has been providing a steady income for him and his family. It was christmas season of 2018 when he noticed his sales declining. He decided to call some of his old and faithful customers and asked if […]

Importing data

Importing data For importing your existing data to Testlab you can use a comma-separated value (CSV) file. CSV files are simple text files supported by many applications dealing with tabular formatted data such as Microsoft Excel, other office tools, and database software. Testlab has a common import interface for pushing CSV formatted data. This interface […]


Meliora Testlab Integration API Meliora Testlab Integration API offers REST/JSON-based integration interfaces over HTTP protocol. API can be used as a two-way integration point to integrate other systems.  


Webhooks Webhooks are HTTP-protocol based callbacks which enable you to react on changes in your Testlab project. Webhooks can be used as a one-way API to integrate your own system to Testlab.

Pivotal Tracker plugin

Integrating with Pivotal Tracker Pivotal Tracker is an agile project management tool for software team project management and collaboration. The tool allows you to plan and track your project using stories. Your Testlab project can be integrated with Pivotal Tracker to export assets from Testlab to Pivotal Tracker as stories and, to push stories from […]

Integrating with Atlassian JIRA

Integrating with Atlassian JIRA Atlassian JIRA is a widely used issue management system with various uses. It is commonly used for issue tracking and often also used for agile project management and requirement specification related tasks.  Meliora Testlab can be integrated with JIRA with various strategies and for various uses. In addition, run time environments […]

Confluence Plugin

Integrating Testlab to Atlassian Confluence Meliora Testlab can be integrated to Atlassian Confluence with a plugin providing a set of macros to pull content from Testlab to your Confluence. The plugin provides macros to include a list of Testlab project’s requirements, test cases and issues to your Confluence pages. Macros are fully configurable to pick […]


Integrating with Slack Slack is a modern team communication and messaging app which makes it easy to set-up channels for messaging, share files and collaborate with your team in many ways. Meliora Testlab supports integrating with Slack’s webhook-interfaces to post notifications about your Testlab assets to your Slack.

Maven plugin

Maven plugin Apache Maven is a common build automation tool used primarily for Java projects. In addition, Maven can be used to build projects written in C#, Ruby, Scala and other languages. Meliora Testlab’s Maven Plugin is an extension to Maven which makes it possible to publish xUnit-compatible testing results and Robot Framework output to […]

Migrating from using Excel

This article gives you some pointers on how to migrate your current Excel-based QA and testing process to Meliora Testlab. If you’ve been working in IT-development field you’ve probably been in a project which is managed by hand with spreadsheets, most likely Excel. We’ve all been there. In this article we go through some challenges […]

Exploratory testing with Testlab

In this article we introduce you to the recently released new features enabling more streamlined workflow for exploratory testing. Exploratory testing is an approach to testing where the tester or team of testers ‘explores’ the system under test and during the testing generates and documents good test cases to be run. In a more academic […]

Taking screenshots and capturing video

This article introduces you on an easy way to capture and annotate screenshots during testing. We show you couple of easy ways to use screen capturing and recording tool Monosnap. The latest Testlab release brings you inbuilt integration to Monosnap, a handy screen capturing tool with possibility of annotating the screenshots before uploading. Testlab supports […]

Easier authentication for Meliora Testlab

Are your users affected by password fatigue from entering different username and password combinations? Do you want to reduce IT costs due to lower number of IT help desk calls? Meliora Testlab has support for an external authentication source with SSO (single sign-on or, more appropriately, enterprise reduced sign-on). This means that your users log […]

Setting up SAML 2.0 SSO for hosted Testlab

SAML 2.0 SSO guide for hosted Testlab This document is a guide for how to set up a SAML 2.0 based single-sign for your hosted Meliora Testlab installation. Hosted means that you are using Meliora Testlab from the cloud – not from your own installation on-premises. For Meliora Testlab on-premises, you should consult this documentation. […]

Integrating with Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter is a popular tool for load and functional testing and for measuring performance. In this article we will give you hands-on examples on how to integrate your JMeter tests to Meliora Testlab. Apache JMeter in brief Apache JMeter is a tool for which with you can design load testing and functional testing scripts. […]

Hello World [@Testlab]

  3 minute guide to running your first test case with Testlab So, you just registered and you want to run tests? This intro guides you to create and run your first test case. Prerequisites: your own Testlab site: for example you have an user account for Testlab (with company administrator priviledges) Register if […]

Setting up Nginx reverse proxy for SSL

Setting up Nginx reverse proxy for SSL Setting up an Nginx web server-based reverse proxy as a frontend for Testlab is easy. This provides more performance and exposes only the webserver to the outside network.  

How to: Migrate from TestLink to Meliora Testlab

Some of our customers have moved from using TestLink to our tool, Meliora Testlab. We’ve been asked to make this transition easier and so we decided to document this migration path, and this  post here describes how the migration works. Basically the migration moves your important test data from TestLink to Testlab so you can […]

Integrating Testlab with AD using CAS

Integrating Testlab with AD using CAS This document is a guide for setting up Meliora Testlab for MS Active Directory authentication. To enable this, Testlab connects to CAS Enterprise Single Sign-On which should be installed and set up according to the instructions in this guide. CAS SSO support in Testlab has been superseded with a […]

MantisBT Plugin

MantisBT integration for issues Issues of Meliora Testlab’s projects can be integrated with MantisBT issue tracker which allows for realtime one-way integration. In this scenario, MantisBT acts as a master repository for your project’s issues.

Service agreement

Service Agreement This agreement (“Agreement”) settles the rights and obligations between the registrant or licensee (“Customer”) and the service provider or licensor Meliora Ltd (corporate identity number FI-2485366-5), (“Meliora Ltd”), regarding the Customer’s use of the service Meliora Testlab (“the Service”) provided through (“the Web Site”). 1. General This Agreement regulates the use of the […]

Privacy policy

Last updated April 4th 2018 Privacy policy   1. General This Policy details Meliora Ltd’s commitment to protecting the privacy of users who sign up to use the products (“Service”) Meliora Ltd offers (“Testlab Users”), users who use support services of Meliora Ltd (“Support Users”), and individuals who make the commitment to Meliora Ltd as […]

Integrating with Jenkins CI

The plugin allows you to automatically open up issues in Testlab if tests in your Jenkins build fail. Issues can also be automatically assigned to some user in your Testlab project.

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